Our history

Who we are - Magna Grecia®

The Magna Grecia® brand was born in 2001 from Massimo Colica's passion for jewelry and the culture of ancient Greece. After over thirty years of experience as a representative of the prestigious Lorenz® watch brand, Massimo felt the desire to create a brand that embodied the essence of Italian artisan traditions and the fascinating heritage of Magna Graecia. In 2019, Fabio Colica, his eldest son, took over the management of the company, bringing new energy and continuing to grow the brand with dedication and innovation.

Our Inspiration

Our jewels are the tangible expression of our passion for Greek history and mythology. Apotropaic masks, used in ancient times as symbols of protection against evil spirits, are a distinctive element of our collections. We also include reproductions of ancient coins and depictions of mythological characters in our jewels. Sometimes, we enrich these creations with the use of colored stones, natural freshwater pearls and other contemporary elements, giving them a unique and timeless charm.

Craftsmanship of Excellence

Each Magna Grecia® jewel is the result of the artisanal skill of Calabrian master goldsmiths, custodians of a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Using ancient and modern techniques, they work with care and passion to create high-quality works, which combine craftsmanship and stylistic refinement. Our attention and careful selection of raw materials guarantees that each jewel is not only beautiful, but also long-lasting.

Our Commitment

We are proud to keep the legacy of Magna Graecia alive through our jewels, which are much more than simple ornaments. Each creation tells a story, combines beauty and meaning, and represents a tribute to the rich Greek culture and Italian craftsmanship. Our mission is to offer jewels that are not only emblems of elegance, but also witnesses of our dedication to excellence and timeless beauty.

Twenty years, and not hearing it: Our Success Story

For over two decades, Magna Grecia® has carried out its mission to create timeless jewels that tell stories of passion, tradition and beauty. Our journey into the world of jewelry has been one of constant innovation and dedication to artisanal excellence. Each creation is the result of twenty years of experience, inspiration and commitment to offer our customers unique, high-quality pieces.

Our brand has become synonymous with sophistication and class, celebrating the rich heritage of Magna Graecia and combining it with a contemporary and distinctive style. We look to the future with enthusiasm, ready to welcome new challenges and to continue to inspire with the beauty of our jewels, carrying on our tradition of excellence and passion.

If you would like to know more about our jewels or share your passion for Magna Graecia, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, ready to share our story and assist you in finding the perfect jewel.